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What should one do?If you wish to apply for a small loan, here are some things that you need to do well in advance. Detach you social security number based credit personal from your EIN Employer Identification Number based credit business. In layman's words, what you need to do to separate your bad personal credit from your business credit, is to start a corporation or LLC. Use your acquired EIN to establish a business credit profile, which tends to be separate and thus unaffected by your personal credit history. This way, it is easier to build a strong business credit profile, despite having a weak personal profile that requires urgent repairing. Make sure that you prepare totally independent financial statements for your business, that do not include any of your personal finances. If you have sorted out these initial steps, you are ready to apply for a loan. Below are some of the options that you can try out while applying for such loans. Small Business Administration LoansAs mentioned earlier, if you have a bad personal credit report, you can improve it by starting a small business of your own. Once that is done, the doors of SBA Small Business Administration open up for you. If you fit into the criteria to be eligible for this loan, that is, your revenue is relatively small, the business size is small, etc.

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But I think things have stopped getting worse and are looking a little better.

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banks who offer business loans The longer terms and amortization schedules and fixed interest rates on both the bank and CDC notes provides the borrower with the greatest cash flow coverage and interest rate risk protection. The 504 loan program pricing, term/amortization, and minimum equity injection in most cases will be more favorable to the borrower then an alternative conventional loan option. The "Bad" unlike the 7a program many cost under the 504 program in ineligible to be financed such as franchise fees, working capital and inventory. The 504 program is only limited to owner occupied real estate and no investment or multi family properties qualify. The "Ugly" the 504 loan program primary purpose is to provide small business owners with long term financing and not intended to be used as a bridge loan therefore prepayment penalties in the early stages of the loan are very high. Lastly, since the 504 loan is two separate loan notes it requires two separate loan approvals and credit reviews this can result in a longer approval and funding process. Working capital is the difference between the current assets or the short term assets that a company holds and the current liabilities or the short term liabilities which the company has to dispose of. Thus, working capital actually depicts the financial health of the company in a short period. It shows whether a company has enough finances or assets to take care of any short term liabilities that may arise. Calculation of the working capital is done after calculating both the current assets and liabilities. It is very important to know what is included while arriving at the current assets and liabilities figure.

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But I think things have stopped getting worse and are looking a little better.

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However, make sure that you generate enough revenue over time, rather than depending on these type of funds.