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” Forum participants also called attention to the FDIC Small Business Hotline, a new tool that allows borrowers with an inquiry or comment about small business lending to contact the FDIC directly. 6 FDIC Chairman Bair said the hotline will help regulators assist small business borrowers and learn more about banks’ lending practices: “Not only do we want to help these borrowers, but also we can track this information the way track consumer inquiries. And if the particular banks areas where we’re seeing…a greater frequency of problems, we can look at that more deeply. So I think it will be very helpful to us as a supervisory tool as well. ”Conclusion There are no easy solutions to the obstacles facing today’s small businesses. Poor sales have weakened many businesses’ demand for credit. Those who do need credit are strained by lower real estate values and still tight lending standards. And regulators must communicate a consistent message that encourages a safe and sound approach to lending. Participants at FDIC’s forum—policymakers, regulators, small business owners, lenders, and other stakeholders alike— acknowledged these challenges and offered constructive ideas for addressing them. Recommended strategies spanned a broad range, from policies to improve the overall economy and real estate markets to consistent implementation of regulatory guidance and a hotline to obtain direct feedback from borrowers and lenders. Perhaps the greatest lesson learned from the forum was that continued communication and cooperation among all concerned parties will be the best way to promote a lasting recovery for small businesses.

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However, peel back the onion and you find, it’s a matter of the "definition" of loss.

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do credit unions do business loans Only once you draw from your line of credit will you be charged interest.

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We put out $10 billion in this last quarter into the hands of small businesses.